What you get is not always what you see!

Thank goodness for digital photography. I cannot image being a photographer when the only option was to use 35mm analogue film, wind it on to the spool, take the photographs and then send the film off to a developers and wait around 2 weeks for them to come back. Although I do have a vague recollection of using this type of film when I was younger, my dad was forever getting films developed and delivered to the house. There would be a big thud on the doormat from the postman when they arrived. I have clear memories of sitting at the kitchen table with my dad as he scanned each of the photographs in detail and then ripping up sometimes 5 or 10 photographs because they either under/over expose

Hello....do you like cake?

Firstly let me start by introducing myself, I am Abi and I love taking photographs. My inspiration came from my lovely dad who was a keen photographer too. As a kid growing up, all I can remember is a camera lens pointing my way. However these days, I much prefer to be the other side of the camera. Here is a picture of me around the age of 8. I love this picture that my dad took, it tells a story. A story of me on holiday down in Hampshire, scraping my leg making a den. The reason why I love this photograph so much is because it represents a moment in time, never to be recaptured. I carried on making my den, the wound healed but what was an everyday occurrence was captured and continues t

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