Will you be receiving a visit from the stork soon?

Are you preparing yourself for the sound of the pitter-patter of tiny feet? Congratulations! How super exciting. I suspect that you are busy buying everything (probably far too much) from prams to cots, changing tables to nappies. It is good to get yourself ahead because once your little one is here, your head will be spinning and your feet won't touch the floor. Which leads me onto the subject of newborn photography. The best time for the photo shoot is within the first 14 days of your new arrival. During this period the baby is still super sleepy (although it may not feel like it to you), plus they are relaxed and easy to move into poses that make the perfect images. Yes of course there wi

You will regret not doing this!

I love to talk about photography. It is probably the one thing I talk about most with people I meet. It is always lovely to hear compliments about my work but the most common phrase I hear time and time again from mums is 'I wish I had photographs taken of my children when they were young' or 'where were you when my children were small'. Some of these women are now proud mothers of university graduates and successful business owners but what they would give to look at a beautiful piece of art of their own child captured when they were young. They regret not taking the time to secure those special moments, timeless placed on a canvas or print when they had the opportunity to do so. Will y

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