Business Mum - In the Frame - Little Potters by Becky Dawes

I’m Becky, I am a mum of two girls. My eldest is nearly 11 and will be starting high school in September and the youngest is 5 who has not long started school. We have a family dog who is a big part of our family and it is safe to say, my youngest best friend, they are constantly joined at the hip! I enjoy spending time with my family, going for walks and being outside. I also enjoy doing crafts such as sewing and being creative and this is where my heart is. I have always enjoyed and worked in crafts such as pottery from the tender age of 16 when I used to work at Saturday college from being a student. This, along with wanting to work with people, especially children, led me to study Health

Business Mum In the Frame - Fiona Rose

Hello I’m Fiona, the owner of Fiona Rose Marketing Consultancy. I’m incredibly lucky to be a Mummy to 2 beautiful girls under the age of 3 and be married to my University best-friend. How he puts up with all the women in the house I don’t know, but he does a fine job of being patient and always smiling through it. Like most people, our life is hectic trying to manage our busy careers and raise our little ones whilst trying to squeeze in a social life and everything else that life throws at us. As a glutton for punishment I also like to sign us up for challenges each year to keep us fit .... last year it was Pretty Muddy and this year is Tough Mudder 5k, so any tips on not getting electrocute

Business Mum in the Frame - Kate Christina

My name is Kate and I run Baby Sensory Northwich, Frodsham & Tarporley. Until 2014 I was an Assistant Head teacher of a primary school but after having three children of my own I decided it was time for a change. I had been attending Baby Sensory classes with my third baby and absolutely loved every session. It was during a class that I decided to look into available territories I could start my own classes in. Within three weeks of my initial email I had signed a contract with Baby Sensory, booked the training and resigned from my teaching job!!! It was an extremely scary time but so exciting and I loved the thought of a new challenge. I launched my first classes in January 2016 with 41 cus

Business Mum in the Frame - Doula D

I am mum to two kids (aged 9 and 7), we've lived in Cheshire for about 5 years now, and have really enjoyed exploring the area. Whilst everyone else in the house is a real technophile my hobby of choice is crochet. I don't often crochet for myself but love making items for others. My business is called Doula D, because for years friends have called me D rather than Donna and I am a doula. I don't sell any products, but I do offer a range of services which are all about supporting families through pregnancy and beyond. I want to be a hub of support and knowledge for families in my community. I offer lots of different services, my work focuses around group sessions in the community (baby massa

Business Mum in the Frame - LoveBySteph

I'm Stephanie Lawes, mum of three wonderful children aged 6, 4 and 1. I had never really intended to be a stay at home mum as I have always been quite career focused. However, we had our first 2 children when we lived in Dubai. Maternity leave there is only 40 days and it simply wasn't an option for me to go back to full time work that soon. And so I became a stay at home mum, and as time went on we couldn't imagine it being any other way. However, I always longed for 'something else' and was forever brainstorming ideas of work that I could do from home so that i could still be available for the kids. I tried working with various MLM companies but they really were not for me. When we

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