4 'Must Have' Photographs of your Newborn (take these photos whilst you have the chance)

Congratulations. You have entered the world of parenthood. Your precious bundle of joy is here and you will want to remember all those tiny details. Here are 4 great positions to photograph your newborn, whether with your phone or a camera, you will cherish these newborn photographs for life. From above I love getting a photo of the baby from above that shows just how little they are from head to toe. It is a great way to show perspective of their tiny size when they are laying on your bed, a memory that parents will want to preserve. If you are using a camera, make sure you wear a camera strap when photographing over your newborn to secure your camera. I was stood on the edge of the be

Kids, COVID and Colds

Has anyone else tried to cover up their child's cough because you didn’t want anyone else to think that they have COVID? Please tell me it’s not just me. Lottie sometimes coughs when she has just had a drink so I don’t know how many times I have covered her mouth up when she’s having a coughing fit. Equally, I have moved away from someone who has been coughing and sneezing and wondering why on earth they are out shopping with COVID. You can't win either way. Coughing fits always seem to happen at the most unfortunate time such as on the way into nursery or as we are walking around a shop. It is really tough though because we are all hypersensitive to coughs and sniffles at the moment, and

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