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Newborn Photography in Nantwich

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Less is more.  That is my approach to photography.  Excessive props added to the portrait can easily distract from the beauty of your baby. I want your baby to take centre stage, after all, that’s what matters most to you. 


To keep my portraits timeless, I use a very limited colour palette such as white and neutral colours and my style is unposed, unscripted and authentic.


My newborn sessions are baby led so can take up to around 2 hours. Your baby will take the lead during the session so if your baby wants a feed or to be comforted, we simply take a break until your little one is settled or if you are happy to, I will photograph these tender moments between you and your baby. I will capture a lovely mix of portraits possibly when the baby is asleep and awake and also big brothers and sisters are very much welcome along too.

We will spend lots of time soothing and cuddle your baby, it's very important to remember that your baby will not perform on demand, experience has shown that the more relaxed mum and dad are the more settled baby will be. So please come along, chill out, relax and enjoy, there will be plenty of tea and coffee available. 

In order to provide each one of our clients a high-quality experience, I only accept a limited number of sessions each month. It is highly recommended to book your session early to ensure availability.

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