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Firstly let me start by introducing myself, I am Abi and I love taking photographs. My inspiration came from my lovely dad who was a keen photographer too. As a kid growing up, all I can remember is a camera lens pointing my way. However these days, I much prefer to be the other side of the camera.

Here is a picture of me around the age of 8. I love this picture that my dad took, it tells a story. A story of me on holiday down in Hampshire, scraping my leg making a den. The reason why I love this photograph so much is because it represents a moment in time, never to be recaptured. I carried on making my den, the wound healed but what was an everyday occurrence was captured and continues to bring me pleasure 30 years on. Looking at a photograph can instantly take you back to that place, all the feelings and emotions come rushing back. This is why I love photography so much, it is not about the photograph, it is about that moment, that single moment in time that will never come again. By the way, my hair is still equally big to this day.

So around about the age of 21, I started to develop my own interest in photography. At this point, it was mainly snaps of hills, lakes and buildings and at 28, I bought my first 'proper' camera and I haven't looked back since. At 33 I won a national photography competition of a photograph of a man in an indian canoe at dusk on Ullswater in the Lake District and continued to enjoy taking photographs at any occasion I can.

Abi with camera

In 2016 I decided to spread my wings and try portrait photography specialising in newborn and children. I did this because a very good friend of mine had recently given birth and wanted me to capture the first few days of her little girls' life. I loved spending time with this brand new baby, her whole life ahead of her full of promise, excitement and opportunity. When I showed my friend the photographs, she burst into tears. What an amazing reaction, I know she will treasure these photographs for the rest of her life.

Now don't get me wrong, I can work my way around my Canon camera with my eyes closed but throw a newborn baby into the equations and things get interesting. To help me with my new genre of photography I decided to invest in a mentor and was privately trained by the award winning photographer Sharon Wallis, Portrait and Family Photographer who showed me the techniques and tips to get the very best photograph in what can be challenging conditions.

I work from my home studio (it sounds grander than it is) or if prefered, I can come to your home or meet on location. My priority is the safety of your precious little cherub so the wellbeing of your little one is paramount. I will only use certain positions that are comfortable and relaxing to the baby. I am happy for mum and dad to get involved during the photo session, don't worry, I won't ask you to take the pictures - unless you want to, or if not, use this time to chill out and relax (there is always coffee and homemade cake on offer).

My home studio

Every photographer has their own style that it unique to them, have a look at some of my photographs to see whether my style of photography appeals to you. Remember, these photographs are your investment for you and your baby. You will treasure these photographs forever, bringing you hours of joy and delight. Times goes so quickly and before you know it, these special days, when you can hold your little one in your arms will soon be gone. What better way to capture their beauty in a timeless piece of art for your home.

If you like what you see, please get in touch and we can chat about what type of photographs will work for you. I am happy to tailor any packages that you may want, please just ask and I will do my best to accommodate.

I hope to meet you (and your gorgeous little munchkin) very soon.

Abi =)

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