You will regret not doing this!

I love to talk about photography. It is probably the one thing I talk about most with people I meet. It is always lovely to hear compliments about my work but the most common phrase I hear time and time again from mums is 'I wish I had photographs taken of my children when they were young' or 'where were you when my children were small'. Some of these women are now proud mothers of university graduates and successful business owners but what they would give to look at a beautiful piece of art of their own child captured when they were young. They regret not taking the time to secure those special moments, timeless placed on a canvas or print when they had the opportunity to do so. Will you have the same regret? Will you look back in the not too distant future and wish you had prioritised something that will bring you a lifetime of you?

I guess like many busy mums, just getting through the day in one piece is the main priority especially when you have little ones. Whilst doing school runs, nappy changes and preparing tea, where on earth do you find the time to get the kids to a photographer? I understand this completely. Life is busy when you are a mum. Life is unpredictable when you are a mum. Life goes so fast when you are a mum. Before you know it, your little one will be at nursery, first day at school, first school disco, first job and your little one will be little no more.

As your photographer I can perform magic in the photographs, edit out snotty noses, scratch marks and dark circles under their eyes. I can make their cheeks rosy and make their eyes sparkle if they are not feeling 100% themselves. But the one thing I cannot do, is to turn back time. I cannot capture those gorgeous moments when your child is full of curiosity and wonder. Happy to play and to give their mum the biggest smile in the world.

Don't leave it too late. Don't put off having those special photographs taken. There will always be things to do, there will always be other times to get the kids to the dentist, homework to do and new shoes to buy but with every passing day, your beautiful child is growing up. Within a blink of an eye, you too might be saying "I wish I had photographs of my children when they were young.' Capture those wonderful moments whilst you still can.

Special offer – book a photo shoot by the end of January 2017 and receive a 50% discount off the total cost, a saving of £35 plus you will receive a free digital image PLUS a free print. I have a home studio if you want to get away from the dishes and toys strewn across the floor however I am more than happy to come to your home if it is easier. Get in touch and we will discuss what is the best option for you, you can either email me at or call 01829 732 516.

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