Double the Fun with Twins

Anyone who knows me knows I love photographing children, it's my main passion and the reason why I setup Abigail's Photography.

I get such a buzz from not only taking pictures of the children but also connecting and playing with the children during the sessions. They are such little bundles of joy and always bring a smile to my face.

What then you may ask is better than photographing one child? TWO! So when the opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance to photograph two gorgeous little ladies - Molly and Paige.

Now I am not going to lie, whilst I was excited I was also a little apprehensive before the twins arrived at the studio, one child can be a handful so two, well that would be interesting. I had spoken to their lovely mummy Christine beforehand and she had agreed to bring reinforcements to assist during the session in the shape of their dad Nick.

As soon as they got to the studio, the fun began. Paige went straight over to the prop box whilst Molly took her time checking everything out first. Both girls made a beeline for the pink hat and predictably I only have one! I have two yellow hats but surprise surprise, they both wanted the pink hat. Note to self, always have two sets of everything during a twin portrait session.

Both girls were such little characters. Paige was inquisitive and ready to explore whereas Molly was a little bit unsure of what was going on at first. A few minutes playing with a teddy bear with her though and she soon had a smile on her face.

Trying to get both girls to look at the camera at the same time presented me with my next challenge. Numerous attraction techniques were used including the waving of arms, the clapping of hands and other gentle encouragement. Eventually my persistence paid off, and along with the help of both proud parents I got the look I needed. Although only a split-second I was more than prepared and managed to capture that special moment for eternity.

They were both super cute and I loved photographing them both together but also managed to take some beautiful portraits of them on their own. I certainly had a great work out during the portrait session but it was worth it, more importantly the parents were happy with the photographs too.

Times passes so quickly and soon your little ones will not be so little. Book your portrait session by emailing or telephone 01829 732 516.

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