What NOT to wear for an outdoor photo shoot

Have you ever looked back on old photographs and think to yourself 'why did I wear that' or better still 'why did my mum dress me in that'? We have all done it and all been guilty of wearing the latest fashions, only for them to look so old and outdated by the following year. If you want to invest in a professional photographer to take some outdoor portraits of your family or even if you want to get the best photographs of your kids yourself when you are out and about this summer, check out these do's and don't

1. Everyone dressed in the same outfit. I know when I was a kid, my mum dressed me in the same dress as my sister. Whilst it can look cute, it does not show off your children's personality and character. My sister was more of a tomboy whereas I loved to wear girly dresses.

2. Everyone is the same colour. You don't have to all be wearing a red top or a white shirt. It is better to combine colours together that complement each other.

bad photograph

3. Don't be uncomfortable! Getting your little one to wear a bow tie or tight trousers is going to be no fun for them, you or the photographer. To get natural shots of your children, make sure they are dressed in something comfortable so they can move around and play. It is meant to be fun. Plus if they are uncomfortable then this will show in the photographs.

4. Don't have large logos or fussy patterns on clothes. This can be really distracting in the photograph plus it dates the portrait very quickly. Whilst something may be 'in fashion' right now, how will it look in 1, 5 or 10 years from now.

So what should you wear?

Dress appropriately for the location and the season. If your photo shoot is on the beach in summer, brighter clothes and a sundress/shorts is perfect. If you are having a photoshoot in Autumn in a forest, smart/casual clothes is more suitable such as jeans/ jacket and scarf. Also, make sure everyone is dressed for the same season. It will look odd is one of the children has a sundress on when another child is in a winter coat.

That being said, think about your home décor. These photographs will be up on the wall for possibly many years. Do you want a portrait of your beautiful kids in a bright purple dress if you home décor is in natural colours?

Accessorise! If it is summer, throw on a sunhat, if it's a rainy day, get those wellies and umbrellas out. These can really add to the photograph.

Keeping a timeless look does extend the life of your portraits. The use of solid, neutral or natural tones with a splash of colour here and there always works well.

Is it time you updated your family portrait session? Summer is a great time to book an outdoor portrait session and I am running a number of mini sessions over the next few months. Click here to check availability or for more information on how to book your session.

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