Three reasons to hire a Professional Photographer

August 31, 2017

We live in a digital age.  Smartphones and tablets give us the ability to take photographs of anything at any time.  Recent figures show 67% of parents take photographs of their children every week, with 9% of these snapping away on a daily basis. Your camera roll is probably full of children’s photos, pictures at the park, visiting family or just playing at home with toys.  It is also a sad fact that the most photographed generation will have no photographs in 10 years’ time. As a Newborn and Children Photographer in Cheshire, my job is to make sure that the portraits that are taken today can be cherished for generations to come.



Although technology has given us a fantastic opportunity to capture all those amazing moments, what's the point if there are stored away electronically.  Consider where your prized snaps reside. When was the last time you sat down, with your family members and looked through a photograph album? When was the last time you hung a beautiful portrait of a loved one on the wall of your home?


I’m all for people capturing special moments and I would always encourage you to take as many photographs as you can but there are 3 reasons why you should hire a professional photographer.


Tools of the Trade


Yes I know it’s not all about the gear but as a professional photographer with professional equipment I can produce results that simply aren't possible with camera phones and point and shoot cameras. With a variety of camera’s and lenses at my disposal I can ensure the best possible results at all times. Different lenses for example can have a massive effect on the end result and professional lighting setups compliment the cameras and add that extra wow factor when needed.


As a Children's Photographer, something I am asked often from clients is how they go about printing off photographs that they have taken from their phone.  My advice is simple, If you only want small postcard sized prints, then mobile phone images are perfectly fine. However if you want to print anything larger you may well find  the quality of the image will dramatically reduce and becomes pixilated.  My portraits can be printed to a very large size, to fill a wall and the quality will still be as sharp and clear. Several of my clients proudly display images several feet in size and they all look amazing.


Tricks of the Trade


According to research, it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in a specific field.  Well I can’t claim to have spent that long taking photographs but I’m definitely well on the way. I have spent countless hours gaining experience taking photographs, reading up about different photography styles, attending seminars and training events to make sure that I produce the highest quality of portraits possible.  Learning how to pose subjects, where to have the light source to achieve different effects and how to choose particular location to give the best backdrops.  I am trained to see things differently to non-photographer.  You see 6pm, I see the golden hour when the light is most magical.  You see the annoying shadow on a face, I see an opportunity to catch the light from another angle.


Time for the Trade


We all have busy lives, taking photographs takes time, editing the images to produce the best results takes time. Understanding composition, lighting, crop factors and sourcing printers all takes time. From supplying you with the best digital images from your portrait session to personally delivering your handpicked, mounted prints or ready to hang canvasses for you wall takes time.  As your Children Photographer, I take care of all of that for you so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy them. Also, there is no time like the present, your children will never be this small again. Even in 6 months time, your little one's will have grown a little, lost a tooth, had their first hair cut.  You cannot get this time back so don't put it off til another time.  Another time will lead to another year and before you know it, you little ones are not so little.


And lastly, I guarantee you won't regret commissioning a Professional Photographer (as long as you do your research). One of my favourite moments is when I show the portraits to my clients during the reveal session.  , the look on their face, the tears in their eyes makes me realise that these portraits, they are not expensive,  they are priceless. 



To book a portrait session with me, please contact me to arrange a time to suit.


Also, I have just launched my Autumn Mini Sessions which are taking place in the stunning Delamere Forest on Saturday 21st October. During your 30 minute session, I will capture beautiful portraits and provide an online gallery for you to choose your 3 favourite images all for just £65.  These portraits make great christmas presents but don't wait too long as I have limited availability for this session.


Abigail is a Children Photographer specialising in beautifully simplistic and timeless portraiture based in Tarporley, Cheshire. 


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