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4 'Must Have' Photographs of your Newborn (take these photos whilst you have the chance)

Congratulations. You have entered the world of parenthood. Your precious bundle of joy is here and you will want to remember all those tiny details. Here are 4 great positions to photograph your newborn, whether with your phone or a camera, you will cherish these newborn photographs for life.

From above

I love getting a photo of the baby from above that shows just how little they are from head to toe. It is a great way to show perspective of their tiny size when they are laying on your bed, a memory that parents will want to preserve. If you are using a camera, make sure you wear a camera strap when photographing over your newborn to secure your camera. I was stood on the edge of the bed to capture this photograph or you could use a foot stool or chair to achieve this perspective.

Newborn photography cheshire

From their head

Take the time to capture all of the details, even the top of their tiny head. Your will cherish these photographs for a lifetime and by capturing your baby from different angles will really help you to remember exactly how they were when they were first born.

Newborn baby

Close up

Just like you captured the full body photograph from above, turn your camera and get closer to achieve a close up portrait of your newborn. Close up portraits allow you to capture numerous tiny details in one photo like their eyelashes, hands nose and lips. Newborns sleep most of the time so you will have lots of opportunities to photograph them whilst they are sleep and capture those gorgeous features. Or you may be lucky enough to have them stare right into the camera.

baby photography

Teeny tiny toes

A photograph of their sweet toes is a must have! Everyone swoons over teeny tiny toes so be sure to take the time to capture that sweet newborn detail. The best time to capture those tiny toes is when your baby is asleep as you can move their feet together.

lifestyle photography

I am now taking booking for 2021 babies, but have limited availability for January and early February so please book early to avoid disappointment. Click here to book your newborn session or read here to find out more information about newborn sessions.

Abigail is a Motherhood Photographer specialising in beautifully simplistic and timeless portraiture based in Nantwich, Cheshire.

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