Four top tricks for capturing perfect snow pics

Hurrah, winter has well and truly arrived. For many of us (especially in the north of England), we have been treated to a wonderful wintery weekend filled with snow flakes and snowmen.

For many children, this is the first time they have ever seen or experiences snow before so capturing those ‘first’ moments on camera is definitely a must.

To ensure you get the very best photographs possible with your phone, follow these 4 easy tips and you’ll be sure to capture great snow day pics.

Grey Snow.

Argh…don’t you just hate it when you take photographs in the snow and it looks grey? This is because your photograph is under exposed i.e. there is not enough light getting into the lens.

How to fix - When you take a photograph on your phone, if you tap the screen in different places, the phone will use this spot to focus on and expose the photograph accordingly. When photographing snow, always make the photograph look brighter or lighter as possible without losing the detail of the photograph (try clicking on the face can give the correct exposure). That way, your photographs will come out crisp and clean and more importantly beautifully white.

Falling snow.

So the snow is falling and you want to capture those snow flakes falling all around while the children play in the snow. The difficulty is, you cannot see white snow falling against white snow. It becomes invisible.

How to fix - When taking your photographs, try and shoot towards something dark to help boost the contrast such as getting children to stand in front of a big tree or a wooden fence. You will have more chance of capturing those snow flakes in your photographs. It also helps if they have a dark coloured clothing to highlight snowflakes falling too.

Black and White Photography

Turning your photographs into black and white can really make a big difference. Slightly editing your photographs can reap big rewards. Most mobile phones come with built in editing tools so I would suggest having a place with the contrast and saturation sliders as well as turning the photograph into back and white.

*Please note that these photographs have been edited in Adobe Lightrooms.

How to fix - Snapseed is a free photography editing app which is a really quick and easy way to edit your photograph without having to learn in ins and outs of Adobe Photoshop or Lightrooms. Different filters can be used to apply to your photographs to provide a different look and feel. I particularly like the ‘Portrait’ filter as this really boosts the photograph and gives it a real pop and ‘Fine Art’ is a good black and white filter to try as well.

Have fun.

Making memories with your loved ones is key on snowy days. You’ll look back with happy memories of times when you had snow ball fights or pulling a sleigh with your children on them. Grab those photographs when you can but ultimately, spend your time with your children, laughing and playing. Snow days don’t come along very often so make sure you make the very most of them.

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Abigail is a Children Photographer specialising in beautifully simplistic and timeless portraiture based in Tarporley, Cheshire.

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