Mum's the word

"I am in love with a child I haven’t even met yet’

I have some exciting news to share with you. My very own little bundle of joy will be arriving this August. After years of taking portraits of other people's children, I will finally be able to take some photographs of my own baby. A few people have said that this baby is going to be the most photographed baby in Cheshire (which might very well be true) but all I know is that I am so excited to be on this special journey called Motherhood.

pregnancy announement

Already, I am so in love this my growing baby inside me. Every kick and punch is so precious, I can't stop rubbing my belly to feel even closer to my baby even though my baby cannot be any closer to me right now.

I will be taking some time off to spend with my little cherub at the end of July but will be taking photographs in the Autumn. I have limited availability this spring and summer so if you are thinking of booking a portrait session within the next few months, please get in touch and I will try and arrange your session before I finish for maternity leave.

Click here for more information about my portrait sessions or to book your session.

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