How to take great outdoor photographs of your children

It looks like the sun really has got his hat on. Dare I say summer has arrived? Okay so it might just be sunny this Bank Holiday Weekend but make the most of it, as it will probably be raining next week.

If you want to take the best photographs you can while you are out and about this weekend, follow these simple tips to make your photographs fab.

Keep it natural - no cheese!

We have a tendency to try and pose our children for photographs. We try and place them in a particular position and make them smile on demand. But generally we end up with stiff poses and awkward smiles that don’t really capture the moment. Just let them do their thing and be ready to capture those special moments. When you're taking pictures of the children, snap them while they’re absorbed in something – poking around in the mud with a stick, giggling at the antics of a squirrel, or picking flowers.

Girl picking flowers

Home Sweet Home

You don’t have to travel very far to capture beautiful photos of your children. It is important to have photographs of your children in their home and garden. By photographing your children in their home or local area, you are documenting their life. It might be that when they are older, you will move house but the photographs you take today will remind them of their first home. It will help awaken their memories of days gone by.

Look for the Shade

Have you noticed when you photograph your children in the sun, they are either squinting or the photograph looks blown out due to the bright sunshine? Look for the shade if you can when photography your children. Get them to sit under a tree or a shadow of a nearby building/shed. Head into the woods where there natural shade from the leaves. By photographing your children in the shade, will help capture their beautiful eyes and smile without completely blowing out the photograph.

Golden Hour

There is something magical about the light about an hour before sunrise and sunset. This is often called the golden hour as the natural light from the sun creates a beautiful glow that helps creates stunning photographs. This is because the sun is low in the sky so the light is much more flattering and the shadows are less harsh. Be quick though, the light is constantly changing during the golden hour so capture those photographs before the sun goes down.

boy in the sun

Don't forget the water and suncream

Just a reminder (not that most will need it) but make sure you apply plenty of sun cream to your children including yourself when you are out in the sun, especially it it is around midday. It is very easy to be distracted when children are playing and your are busy taking photographs but delicate skin can start to burn in around 15 minutes so before you even pick up your camera or phone to capture those photographs, slap on the cream, grab some water and go and have a wonderful time with your loved one.

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