5 tricks to keep you cool during pregnancy

Dare I say summer has arrived!

I love the summer months. I think the sunshine makes everyone feel happier and everywhere looks so pretty. But there is a line and over the last few days, I feel like I have crossed it.

Being 7 months pregnant in this heat has its ups and downs. I am still managing to fit into my shoes but only just and the waddle has well and truly arrived.

The only thing that should be sizzling this summer is the BBQ so with some help from some from my lovely clients, here are 5 tricks to stop you sizzling.

Hands and Feet

This is one that I have tried and it does work. Placing your hands and feet into a container or basin with cold water really cools you down a lot. I use an old washing up bowl but use anything that you can get your hands on and into.

Failing that, you can use a flannel or a towel and drench it in cold water and then place over your hands and feet. This works a treat as well and can be used on your forehead which is also great for cooling down.

I also use a cooling foot spray which has been great over the last few weeks. The one I use is a Cooling Peppermint Foot Spray from The Body Shop which smells lovely but there are lots of different ones out there to chose from. These are great to use as and when and handy to have in your bag when you are out and about to give your feet a little boost.

Hot Head

As many of you who know me, I have a lot of thick hair. Lots and lots. I usually shed quite a bit of hair in the summer but with the pregnancy hormones in overdrive, my hair is even thicker and fuller than ever. Whilst it is nice to enjoy my voluminous hair, in this heat, it feels like I have a permanent hat on (I know some of you will share my pain here).

Photo of woman with bun

So the only hairstyle for me at the moment is a top knot. This is a great way to get all your hair from off your neck and shoulders which instantly makes you feel a lot cooler. Some some top knot inspiration, have a look at this great website from Marie Claire which shows you 48 different styles of top knots (who knew there were that many). No excuses to not look great with your hair on top.

Keep Hydrated

This is good advice whatever the weather but particularly important during the hot months and pregnancy. I am really fortunate in that I love to drink water, whether it is hot or cold, I can drink it by the gallon. I love to add a piece of fruit to it to give that extra zing but if you are not a lover of water then favoured water is probably the next best thing. You need to be careful about sugar intake as some flavoured waters you can buy from the supermarkets can be full of sugar which is not the healthiest if you are drinking a lot of it.

Refreshing Fruit Water

Why not make your own? I have found this fab website to give you some ideas on how to make your H2O more fruity . Fruit infused water is a great way to increase your water intake on a hot summers day and a refreshing treat for all the family (my personal favourite is Orange, Strawberry and Mint...yum yum).

Fan it up

I would be lost without my fan and it has made a real difference, especially when it comes to nighttime. Some fans can be quite noisy but I use Honeywell Quiet Tower Fan which includes a remote control which means I can keep it on throughout the night and adjust the settings by a click of a button, perfect.

Small handheld fans are also great for when you are on the go. You can get these from a lot of High Street stores and I intend to take one of these into hospital to help keep cool.

Avoid the midday sun

It is well know that we should avoid the midday sun. Not only is this the hottest part of the day but the harmful rays of the sun at this time of the day can increase your chances of skin cancer. The NHS have a great webpage were NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) have issued some guidance on safe tanning. It is really important to look after yours and your families skin during the hot weather for so many reasons. Not just about keeping cool but to avoid permanent skin damage and heat stroke. If you are concerned that either you or your family may be suffering from heat stroke, click here to find out what the symptoms are, how to alleviate it and when to seek professional help.

Woman in a sun hat

If you do need to be outdoors between 11am and 3pm, try and protect yourself as much as you can by wearing sun factor (minimum SPF15), wear a hat to avoid the sun being on your face and try where you can, seek cover even if that means using an umbrella to avoid the harsh sun rays.

Enjoy it

Whilst you need to protect yourself from the heat and the sun, there is nothing quite like sunny days. Enjoy these days while you can because before you know it, the rain clouds will appear and our wooly jumpers will be coming out of hibernation.

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Abigail is a Children Photographer specialising in beautifully simplistic and timeless portraiture based in Cheshire. To book your portrait session, please contact me here.

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