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Being a mum is tough....I get it now

A lot of newborn photographers start their business as a result of having children and taking photographs of them but for me, I've been taking photographs for as long as I can remember. When I started my business over two years ago, I didn't have any children but my clients would always say that I was great with kids (probably thanks to my 4 nephews). However, it is only since I have become a mum myself, I realise how tough a job it is.

Juggling motherhood and a business is hard. That is why I am probably the worst business woman ever (Lord Sugar would say you're fired before I'd even walked into the board room) but quite frankly, I do not care, and here's why.

I am a mum first and foremost, a photographer second and a business woman third. As a mum, I know how important it is to capture those gorgeous newborn photographs, the tiny details of fingers and toes, their dry flaky skin, their gummy little smiles (caused by wind but we don't like to admit it).

I know how difficult it is, trying to get anywhere on time with a newborn or small children. I know the pressure of trying to get everything ready and then when you are about to walk out the door, you realise you need to change a nappy or worse still, a complete outfit change. Until you're a mum, you don't fully appreciate it how long it takes to just get out of the house.

That is why when you book a portrait session with me, your session will be the only one that day. Business experts would say make better use of your time, be more efficient, book session after session. Not me. We will book a time slot (give or take 30 minutes) so there is no pressure to rush here and arrive flustered. You'll have my mobile beforehand so if need be, a quick text to say your running late is fine. I want your portrait session to be a wonderful experience. Something that you will look about on with happy memories.

Newborn baby girl

A cup of tea and biscuits/cake will be waiting for you (I know that this cup of tea might be the first hot drink of the day). The session will last an hour (give or take) depending on how your baby is. If they are feeling grizzly or clingy that's okay. We will get what we can but if needed, we will rebook your session without charge. Again business experts would say re-charge for your time but I understand that babies and children have their own agenda and if they don't want to play ball, there is no point frustrating them or getting them upset, it is fine. We can try again another time.

I’d love you to get in the photograph with you little one but if you haven't had time to freshen up, no worries, there’s a mirror and toiletries in the studio and a private place to change if you need to (that will give me a chance to cuddle your gorgeous baby).

Your beautiful portraits will be ready for you to view within two weeks at the latest. That's a promise. I know how exciting it is to view your baby’s portraits plus you may want to use one of these portraits for your announcement cards (I can arrange all of this for you). I will provide some mock up options so if you need a little bit of help with your selection, I've got it covered. Business experts would say don't waste time and move on to the next job but I want to provide a bespoke and luxury service which means, I take the headache out of choosing your products and ordering them for you. All you have to do and decide where to put them in your home.

You see, being a mummy is tough enough, especially in those early days. So attending a portrait session with me will be relaxed and as stress free as possible, from the moment you book your session right through to picking your portraits and receiving your products.You may arrive as a stranger, but after conversation about sleepless nights, nursing bras and mums tum, you’ll leave as a friend.

Baby photography

Your newborn session can be booked as early as your 20 week scan so to avoid disappointment, get in touch and we can provisionally book a session for when your newborn arrives.

There is only a short window to capture those beautiful portraits of your newborn baby as they change so quickly (believe me, I know). So through the colic, crying (both you and baby) and craziness that is the first few weeks of your baby's life, lets' capture those tiny details for you to cherish forever. You will not regret it, I promise.

Just about to have a baby? Read my blog on the 4 fab photographs to take of your newborn baby.

Abigail is a Children Photographer specialising in beautifully simplistic and timeless portraiture based in Cheshire. To book your portrait session, please contact me.


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