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Hello I’m Fiona, the owner of Fiona Rose Marketing Consultancy.

I’m incredibly lucky to be a Mummy to 2 beautiful girls under the age of 3 and be married to my University best-friend. How he puts up with all the women in the house I don’t know, but he does a fine job of being patient and always smiling through it.

Like most people, our life is hectic trying to manage our busy careers and raise our little ones whilst trying to squeeze in a social life and everything else that life throws at us. As a glutton for punishment I also like to sign us up for challenges each year to keep us fit .... last year it was Pretty Muddy and this year is Tough Mudder 5k, so any tips on not getting electrocuted are greatly welcomed!

Tough Mudder Cheshire

What’s incredibly important to us as a family is that we enjoy quality time together when we have it and transfer valuable life skills to our spirited little girls. We love the outdoors, and living in Cheshire we are fortunate to be able to put on our walking boots and enjoy the countryside wherever we go. We also love travelling when we can, exploring new places and opening their eyes to different experiences.

Before I became a mother I thought I was pretty busy, little did I know just how women with a career and growing family beautifully juggle so many hats, but it’s all worth it.

On running a business

I’ve worked for myself for 7 years, initially opening a digital agency and then launching and growing my marketing consultancy. During this time I have had the opportunity to run lots of exciting projects for many growing businesses and household brands including Reebok, Next Directory & Very. In addition I’ve experienced the pride of my team being shortlisted for a whole host of awards and the honour of being personally nominated in The Drum SheSays, Top Woman of the Year.

Running a business is a rollercoaster. I know exactly what it’s like to spend 20 hour days growing a business you are passionate about. It’s incredibly exhilarating but also overwhelming at times, however worth every minute and drop of blood, sweat and tears if you love learning and have a desire to really make an impact.

In 2015 I closed the doors to the digital agency to concentrate on the growing success of the consultancy and training side which is where my passion really comes alive. I love seeing my clients succeed using the smart marketing techniques that I have shared to help them grow faster.

Why running a business is totally worth it

As my children were born very close together, with only a 21 month age gap, it’s having the flexibility to manage my own time that is life saving for our family. I am no less busy than I was when I had the agency, but now I have to plan my time between being a creative mummy of 2, continuing my professional learning and the development of my skills along with being on-site helping the brilliant clients I work with.

My clients are all time short but extremely driven to succeed, like me. That’s why I offer flexible marketing support and business mentoring to fit in with their busy schedules as well as mine. This can be for an hour or half day sessions where we set goals, get to grips with their challenges and help them move forward for the month ahead.

What’s the hardest thing about working for yourself?

Getting started! Once committed, I’ve seen clients achieve incredible things they didn’t think were possible. This has included winning Start-Up Business of the Year, doubling their turnover and being able to wave goodbye to their part-time job after only a few months. It’s normally the fear of the unknown that stops people taking that leap and they wait for a push rather than a jump, but I’ve never heard any one of them regret once they have. I definitely wouldn’t change the last 7 years of working for myself. I have met some fantastic people on my journey so far.

My advice for other Mum’s with a career or business

Be organised and prepared for anything. In my early career I used to be quite relaxed and ‘wing’ it when there was only me to think about, but now with a hubby and two little ones to think about I always plan for every eventuality. For instance, I always have a back up childcare option and prepare for all client meetings days in advance … you just never know when the little ones are going to get the sniffles or like we had a few weeks ago, an unpredicted overnight stay in the hospital. Staying agile and flexible to change is essential.

Above all be yourself, be honest and know your limitations. Some days don’t work out as you had planned and some days are much better than you could have imagined. “Tough times are learning times”.

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