Business Mum - In the Frame - Little Potters by Becky Dawes

I’m Becky, I am a mum of two girls. My eldest is nearly 11 and will be starting high school in September and the youngest is 5 who has not long started school. We have a family dog who is a big part of our family and it is safe to say, my youngest best friend, they are constantly joined at the hip!

I enjoy spending time with my family, going for walks and being outside. I also enjoy doing crafts such as sewing and being creative and this is where my heart is. I have always enjoyed and worked in crafts such as pottery from the tender age of 16 when I used to work at Saturday college from being a student. This, along with wanting to work with people, especially children, led me to study Health and Social Care and Contemporary Crafts. I then specialised in Ceramics and Textiles at university before getting married and starting my lovely family.

Little Potters Nantwich

As always it’s hard juggling work and raising a family. I worked in a supermarket pharmacy which meant me and my husband being passing ships in the wind with the husband and I never having a day together as a family. It wasn’t working for us. After having my youngest this led to us looking for something else I could do. Ever since we were married my husband had promised me I could have a kiln of my own and I spent 10 years clinging onto this dream.

This is where Little Potters was born, it meant I could go to toddler groups and travel around and my youngest came along for the ride. With working with families we also have made some lifetime friends. My youngest was just over 12 months old when I started out so Little Potters has been going for 4 1/2 years.

Build a bear party Nantwich

Little Potters provides bespoke prints in clay, on pottery and silver, pottery painting, clay workshops, Birthday parties for pottery and party bears. The workshops can be for preschools, schools, Guides, Scouts and other organisations. I mainly provide hand/foot prints whilst little ones are still small to capture those special memories. However I also create these memories for pets too, being dogs, cats, rabbits etc.

Pottery is suitable for all ages, we will say my wisest customer being nearly 100 to my youngest being 2 days old. I love spending time with people and creating pottery so it’s great to combine the two things.

Being self employed has its ups and downs, it’s great being your own boss working with what hours suit your family, it was lovely to take the youngest with me wherever I went. I feel she’s much more sociable through being with me while I’ve worked and we are extremely close, I’m finding my eldest is beginning to need me more now than ever before so for them both to know I’m around and always there is very comforting for them.

bespoke prints in clay Nantwich

The downside is not having a set steady income every month and trying to separate home and work. With working from home I’m always trying to find more space for stock and it does creep into the home as much as I try not to let it. So I do feel it takes over a little, my next ambition is to have my own log cabin.

I think if you have a dream, live it, through believing and determination you can do it.

If you would like any more information on Little Potters take a look here is a link for my Facebook page. or visit my website

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