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Why Printing Your Pictures Is So Important

I’ll bet you have used your phone to take a picture of your family this week? You might have used your phone camera today, you maybe even use your camera every day. It has never been easier to take photographs – we all carry a camera in our telephone. And yet our children have fewer and fewer physical prints to hold and look at.

When I was a child I used to love looking through an old tin of photographs my grandad kept.

Print your photographs

Mostly there was writing on the back with names I didn’t recognise and dates from long before I was born. There were very formal black and white photographs mounted on fancy card that were obviously taken in Victorian photography studios – solemn family faces and soldiers in uniform. It felt like I was looking at a mysterious forgotten time and I loved looking at the clothing, the old vehicles in the background and seeing how my nan looked as a young woman. It was like I was time travelling. I could spend hours in that tin of photographs and chatting with grandad about the people, places and times they pictured.

Imagine if those precious memories were instead sitting on something that needed a machine to let me see them. A machine that was around in the 40’s or even the 70’s. Even if my grandad had kept the machines I’d needed, would just seeing them hold the same magic for me. Definitely not.

So have a think about where you store your own family photographs. Are they on your mobile phone? A hard drive? CD’s? Mini discs? (remember those!?) Floppy discs? You get my point – technology is changing so rapidly that it can be difficult to keep up. The must-have storage of today is archived in favour of something new every few years. The only way you can be sure to preserve your picture memories for your children and grandchildren is to print them.

Your Mobile Phone Pictures

For most of us, our mobile phones are where the majority of our ‘snaps’ are kept. The everyday images of holidays, days out, toothy grins, first foods, and silly selfies. These are the images your children will cherish when they grow up – you must print them!

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Your Professional Pictures

As well as the everyday snaps, most families choose a professional photographer like me to capture more important milestones. New additions to your family, birthdays, a new pet, or the annual family portrait all involve a professional portrait photographer who can capture you all in a perfect setting, looking your best. The portraits I produce at my photography studio in Nantwich are your own personal works of art and are designed to be displayed. There’s lots of evidence to show that it boosts self-esteem, confidence and contentment when your portraits are displayed in your home.

I offer clients print packages as well as wall art and framed products and although I do offer digital images, I always provide a print of the photograph which is printed using my a professional lab so I can guarantee the quality.

Is it time for new family portraits? Do you have a special occasion coming up? Let's chat, get in touch so we can start planning your portrait session.

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