Top tips on keeping your baby cool at night

If you are anything like me, you will worry about your little one keeping cool during this hot weather, especially at night. Here are some of the things I have tried which have really helped.

Try to keep bedrooms cool during the day by closing windows and curtains/blinds. (open windows when the hot air has cooled). It feels counterintuitive to keep them closed but it really helps keep the the room cooler.

Use a fan in the room to circulate the air (make sure this is a safe distance from little fingers with leads out of reach too - do not aim directly at your baby). Place frozen bottles in front on a fan (make sure this is out of reach of children and that any excess water is collected safely by standing bottle on a plate or towel).

Hang wet towels sheets in the room. This will add moisture to the air and may help to cool the room further.

Give your little one a cool bath before bed and dress them in lighter clothing or just a nappy. Little Lottie has slept in just a nappy to keep her as cool as possible. If using a sleeping bag please see the manufactures guidance for the best tog for the correct temperature. Use a room thermometer to help guide you.

When checking babies temperature do so by touching the back of their neck or tummy - NOT the hands or feet as these will be colder. If they are sweaty or clammy remove layers if possible. If your baby is unwell do not be tempted to cover them up.

For more information and advice about how to keep your little one cool, visit the NHS website.

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