Psst....Do you want to know how to get over 1,000 free prints during 2020?

Some of my earliest Christmas memories are visiting my old nan (with the whole family, aunties, uncles and cousins) and squeezing into her front lounge, most of us sitting on the floor and looking at old negatives through a projector on the wall. We'd also look through a big photograph album of people who I didn't even know, but felt connected to them all the same. I remember the smell of the album. I remember the smiles on people faces when they saw the photographs, knowing it was triggering memories. Feelings.

People would tell stories of times gone by, usually starting the conversation by saying, 'do you remember the time when.....' We did this every year. It was a family tradition. It was. But it hasn't been for a long time. Not until now. But I am determined to create that experience for my little girl. I want her to know her family, and not just her immediate family, but the members of the family that she will never meet. To share photographs and stories of these wonderful people who would have loved and adored her.

So, what's my point? Print your photos. I bet you have got a gazillion photos on your phone from the festive period. The Christmas Nativity. Picking out the Christmas Tree. Christmas jumpers. Excited faces on Christmas morning. Christmas dinner. Winter walks in the forest. Maybe it was a Christmas on the Piste?

All these photos make up your family Christmas of 2019 and what will you do with them? Probably nothing. Will anyone get to see them? Maybe just you when you are standing in a queue and flicking through your camera roll. You might put some on Facebook but then time goes by and the photos disappear into the depths of your profile page.

Why not print your photos out of Christmas 2019? I know it sounds crazy because who prints photos these days, right? Don't you think your family deserves to have a permanent reminder of Christmas 2019? Your children will love looking back at actual photographs of their childhood Christmas, sharing it with people they love.

Plus, I have some great news to share. There are some fantastic deals for free prints at the moment and all you have to do is pay for p&p. A lot of the companies have apps which you can directly upload your photos in seconds and hey presto, your photos will arrive a few days later.

If you're anything like me, you'll enjoy picking out an album or scrap book to stick photos in. If you have bigger kids, what a great activity to do on a rainy afternoon, maybe even get them to write a few comments next to each photo?

Check out the links below to claim your free prints.

Freesnaps have an offer for 50 free 6x4 or 7x5 prints.

Snapfish offer 600 free prints if you download the app.

Pixum are offering 50 free prints for new customers.

Truprints are giving 20 free prints if you sign up.

Boots offer 25 free prints if you sign up to Boots Photo.

Freeprintsnow are offering a staggering 1,000 free prints over a year

All of these deals state that you have to pay for postage and package so please read the T&Cs carefully to make sure you are happy with what you are signing up to. Another caveat is that I am not endorsing the quality of the prints that you will receive. Uploaded photos from your phone will not be the best quality, the lighting might be too dark or too light and the photos may come out slightly pixilated but after saying that if you keep your prints small to use in a scrapbook or album then they will do the job.

If however you would like a professional portrait to hang on your wall, using the right lighting, beautifully edited and printed on Fine Art Giclee paper by one of the top printing companies in the country then get in touch.

If you have been thinking about booking a portrait session, click here to find out why you should.

Abigail is a Maternity, Newborn and Family Photographer specialising in beautifully simplistic and timeless portraiture based in Nantwich.

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