When was your last family portrait

Family portraits are so important. They create a moment to hit the pause button and capture life together now because in a wonderful way thing certainly aren’t meant to stay ‘as is’.

As a busy family, day-to-day life can be crazy. A week passes, then a month, a year, a decade. Before we know it, our little ones aren’t so little.

Family Photographs Cheshire

Even though we have the best of intentions and are snapping away on our phones, are they really good enough? Are digital files stored on the cloud, never to be seen again, what we want to leave for generations to come?

Photographs in their true form have meaning. The same meaning they once did when photography was film-based as opposed to digital (yes, I do remember winding on a new roll of film into the camera). They are tangible prints that have been intentionally made to commemorate a beautiful and important person, a time and age in life, or a special moment that although has passed was so wonderful and worth documenting.

“We take photographs as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”

Family Photographer Nantwich

When you invest in a portrait session with those you love, you are making the intentional choice to preserve memories in the most beautiful, artistic way. It's more than ‘a few quick photographs and digitals’. It’s something you can hold onto forever.

The benefit of having family portraits doesn’t stop there, photographs on display in the family home actually increased your children’s self-esteem as it acts as a daily reminder that they are loved, they are important and that they belong.

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If you have been thinking of hiring a professional photographer, now is the perfect time. My sessions are filled with fun (no forced poses and smiles in sight) and allows your family to share amazing moment together. And the best part is, these amazing moments will be turned in amazing artwork for you and your family to treasure for a lifetime.

So, is it time to upgrade your iPhone photographs? Let’s chat. I would love to capture the beautiful and important people in your life, just as they are, right now.

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