'I just want a few baby photos'

You’ve just had a baby. Congratulations.

Looking to have some baby photos taken to remember this special time in your life. Just a few. You don’t need to be in it. Plus, you are worried about your baby weight. You hate photographs of yourself. You need to get your roots done. I get it. I hear this a lot.

When mummy enquired about a newborn session, she said she just wanted a couple of baby photos of her gorgeous little boy Jacob. We had already missed the newborn stage due to lockdown. I said to mummy that it would be good for her and daddy to get in the photograph with Jacob, even if it was just for a couple and then the rest could be of Jacob. I said it was better for me to take some photos of all of them together and if she didn’t like them then she didn’t have to choose them.

You hate photographs of yourself

I sent mummy my style guide and I told her that I have a lovely selection of dresses and tops she could wear which are really flattering and looked great in photographs. The less for you to sort out on the day, the better.

When everyone arrived at the studio, they settled in and Jacob was wide awake. I wanted to make sure I got those gorgeous wide awake baby photos of him, so I took him straight over to the bed and he was looking right at the camera, it was so cute.

I then asked mummy and daddy to come over and lie next to Jacob, just holding his hands. It was very relaxed, just cuddling on the bed. Then daddy cuddled Jacob into his chest, side by side and told me that he cuddled like this every morning. I just had to photograph that. How special.

Jacob had a little feed and a change whilst we chatted about all things pregnancy, birth and being a new parent. I love chatting to new parents and hearing about their experience and how they are getting on with the sleepless nights although Jacob already was quite a good sleeper.

Daddy was surprised at how much he enjoyed the session.

After a feed, we took some more photos of mum and Jacob, daddy and Jacob and then a few more of the three of them altogether. I think I took more photographs of them together than I did of just Jacob on his own. So, in spite of mummy initially asking for just a few baby photos, we ended up with more family photographs.

Around about 1.5 hours later, the session was finished, I’d managed to photograph some beautifully natural photographs of a lovely new family. I think daddy was surprised at how much he enjoyed the session which was great. I was so pleased because initially, daddy wasn’t even going to be there, I was so glad that he did come along.

A week later, I visited them all at home to show them their gallery. In total, there were 25 photographs in the gallery and only 8 of them were baby photos.

We went through all the photographs and it was proving difficult to narrow them down to their favourites and after much discussions, they decided to have all of the photographs . Most parents do have them all as it is far too difficult to choose which ones to leave behind.

They also decided that they wanted some wall art and decided and 3 stunning framed portraits to be hung as a tryptic and guess what, all three photographs are of the 3 of them.

He will have beautiful portraits of him with his mummy and daddy, holding him in their arms

Imagine if I had just taken some baby photos as mummy had initially suggested. Imagine if the only professional photograph they had were just of Jacob and none of them as a family?

I am so glad that I had the discussion mummy on the phone before her session and suggested that they all come over to the studio.

Now, when Jacob is bigger, he will have beautiful portraits of him with his mummy and daddy, holding him in their arms. What I would give to have a photograph of my mum and dad holding me in their arms!

So, if you are thinking of getting some baby photos taken but don’t want to get in the photo yourself, for whatever reason, just imagine the joy that photo will bring your children when they are bigger and they have a fabulous photograph of the people they love the most.

If you have had a baby during lockdown and want to take your own baby photos, here are my 'must have' newborn photographs to capture yourself.

Ready to find out more? Let's chat about how we can create some beautiful photographs of your brand new family.

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