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Whilst I have over 25 years of photography experience I am always striving to improve and consider fresh perspectives in order to improve my photography and ultimately the results I can deliver for my clients.

It figured then that when presented with the chance to work alongside one of the best Newborn and Children Photographers in the UK, I simply couldn't let the opportunity pass. Like any career, training and development are essential to ensure that you achieve the highest standards and personally this is really important to me. I invest in myself in order to continually excel in the quality of the photographs I take.

Crewe Hall - iphone photo

The venue was the beautiful Crewe Hall which is an absolutely stunning setting for any photography and the workshop itself took place in a dedicated indoor studio, set up specifically for 'little sitters'. I love this age category. This is when little ones are around 6/7 months old and able to sit up on their own but not yet crawling. This is such a cute age to photograph because although still babies they are starting to explore their new surroundings and are curious about everything.

I met some fantastic photographers during the workshop, some really talented ladies indeed. It is great to talk with other Togs about their business, their style and what opportunities and challenges they deal with on a day to day basis. The training itself with Claire Elliot was brilliant and we had two gorgeous models to work with for the afternoon, Scarlett and Mia. Both little girls were so good and it was great to try out new ideas, poses and props.

Photograph of Scarlett, 6 months old

The safety and wellbeing of any baby I photograph are paramount so to be able to learn from one of the best photographers in the business on how to capture those amazing images in a safe environment was really important to me. I am really looking forward to getting some 'little sitters' in the studio very soon to try out some new ideas I picked up from the training day. If you would like your little cherub to be photographed at Abigail's Photography Studio, please get in touch at or call 01829 732516.

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