Have mobile phones killed photography?

Believe it or not, the first digital camera was invented by Kodak Engineer Steve Sasson back in 1974. It was about the size of a breadbox and it took about 23 seconds to capture one image. This was revolutionary at the time because every other camera used a film to store the images and then the roll of film would be sent off to a developer. About a week later, your photographs would land on your doorstep.

Can you imagine that now? I don't think people would be so patient to wait that long to view their photographs. Technology has allowed everyone to take photographs every single day, documenting their life. And if the photo is unflattering, bad light or out of focus, we just delete.

The biggest downside to digital images is that many people do not print their photographs any more. Research suggests that only around 43% of people actually print their photographs meaning that over 55% of people taking photographs views and stores their photographs either here....

or here?

or here?

But just as technology has moved on from1974, technology will move on again and all of these will become obsolete. And then what?

I am a big advocate for printing photographs. They stand the test of time. The oldest photograph is over 170 years old! It has stood the test of time. The photographs that you print out today, documenting your life, can be passed down from generation to generation and maybe even make it to 170 years old as well.

Print your photographs. Don't store them on a computer, on your phone or on a USB stick. Print them out. Display them for all to see.

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Abigail is a Motherhood photographer, capturing authentic and unscripted portraits of your amazing journey from pregnancy to newborn, toddlers to families. As a silent observer, I freeze moments of your life and create the most beautiful art for your home, as a permanent reminder that you are loved and that you belong.