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What to expect during your newborn photography session

So you are thinking about a photoshoot for your baby? By now, you have probably seen a few websites and Facebook pages… but do you really know everything you need to know to make the right choice?

After all, this is a big deal.

It is not only a once in a lifetime experience (you can’t take your little one back in time to take better photos), it also is an investment for you and your partner.

So get ready, walk behind the scenes of a newborn session with me.

Ever found yourself daydreaming about how life with your baby is going to be, as they grows up?

How it’s going to be holding their through their first step.

The first time they call you mamma.

Think about all the special moments, all of the “firsts” and the memories between now and then.

How special would it be to capture some of them with photographs that in 10, 20, 30 years from now will still look amazing? Well… welcome to the universe of Newborn Photography!

But if you are here, chances are you have already been thinking about a photoshoot for your baby.

So why not walk behind the scenes of a newborn at my studio and learn all the secrets?

Before the session.

If you have had a chance to look at my gallery you have noticed that the images have a natural and clean style, with mainly neutral colours.

Why? Well, because we want the focus to be your beautiful baby!

“Clean and natural”, however, doesn’t mean there is no planning involved.

"I want to know all about you and your new family"

Prior to your session we will speak on the phone. We’ll discuss what you want from your session, who will be in the photographs, what to wear and what type of products will compliment your home. It’s a bit of ‘get to know you’ call. I want to make sure I capture the essence of you family so having a chat will help me get to know you all a bit better.

Your session will be provisionally booked around 2 weeks after your due date, but this is flexible. It is very rare that babies arrive on their due date. Once your baby is here, we will confirm the date. Don’t worry if your baby is already older than two weeks, I take photographs of babies of any age.

Day of the session

Well done. You made it out of the house.

You’ll be greeted at your car when you arrive. As a mummy myself, I remember how much stuff a newborn needs.

Now, your newborn session is probably going to be one of your first little outings with the baby.

So on the day of the session, everything will ready for you.

From the temperature of the studio to the ample supplies of newborn and new mummy essentials in the studio, you’ll have everything you need so don’t worry if you’ve forgotten anything. Chances are, I already have it.

Now, 23-24 degrees is perfect for babies, but can be too hot for you! During sessions, I normally wear a light cotton shirt in the studio and I recommend mums to dress in layers


And don’t worry, before taking pictures of you and the baby we will take time for you to prepare. And if you feel you got nothing to wear… I’ve got you covered.

There is a large selection of clothes for you to wear during your session.

Your baby leads the way

Being a mum, you can fully understand that a newborn photo shoot involved much more than just photography.

Being able to “read” your baby in real time and ensure they is comfortable, happy and safe is even more important than the technical side of the shoot.

You will see me adjusting my workflow to adapt to your baby, and in fact… they will be the one guiding me.

Among professional newborn photographers, this is called a “baby-led” session.

We will normally start photographing with your baby on a beanbag, as that is the perfect environment to capture those gorgeous details that change so quickly but you want to remember forever:



Tiny Toes.

All the things you will forget over time but will want to remember.

Your older children will be entertained by the array of gorgeous wooden toys to play with (which also look great in photographs too).

Your baby fits perfectly in your hands so we’ll make sure we capture that, plus is a wonderful frame of reference of how small they were.

A comfy bed awaits you. Get comfy and relaxed with your little one. Time to relax and cuddle together are a family.

"Your family. Your connection. Your love. That’s what I want to capture."

The first few days of motherhood is exhausting so this is a lovely opportunity to just ‘be’ with your new family. You won’t even notice I am there and I won’t ask you to pose in any particular way,

I just want to capture your new family, just as you are. The way you hold your baby. Gently stroking their face. The rush of love as you look at your baby. The precious kisses. The magic and essence of your beautiful family. That's what I want to capture.

You are my priority that day, I never book two sessions on the same day so we’ll have plenty of time so if you need to feed or change your baby, that's fine. Another chance for more hot tea (other drinks are available)

To finish the session, more photographs of mum and baby, dad and baby and the family together, stood cuddling together.

If for any reason, your baby won’t settle during the session and this does happen occasionally, we can just reschedule the session for another day. It's not a problem at all.

You are my priority

These are your photographs. Your heirlooms. You'll see these photographs every day of your life when they are hanging in your home.

They'll be passed down the generations. I will make sure they are everything you want them to be. And more.

Viewing session

Around 10 days after our session, I’ll come to you so you can view your photographs. . There will be tears (including me).

Not sure what the photographs will look like hanging on the wall? No problem.

I create mock-ups to help visualise what your photographs will look like in your home and samples so you can see what products work well with your home décor.

You’ll have the chance to go through different samples to see what will fit perfectly in your home. I’ll always offer advice if you’re unsure and I will guide you through what works well depending on the colour and the amount of light, your rooms have.

3 weeks later, your beautiful family portraits will be hanging on your walls in your home.

Ready to book?

Let’s chat.

I take bookings from your 20-week scan and to avoid disappointment, I would recommend booking as early as possible. £99 secures your booking and this amount is taken off your final bill. I can’t wait to meet your new family.

Still unsure? Find out why you might be putting off having professional photographs taken.

When is the best time to have your photographs taken? I reveal all here.

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